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Teach Your Kids These Importants After School Safety Tips

Many parents in Akron, OH are still at work when their kids get home from school. This can cause concern for their safety, as most home break-ins occur during daylight hours. Though you may not be able to be home when they get there, you can teach...Read More

DVR or Cloud Surveilance Which One Is Right For You

Video surveillance has been used for many years. The first video surveillance systems were used by banks and retail establishments in the U.S. in the 1970s. Since that time, many businesses in OH and around the country have implemented these...Read More

Maintenance Workers And Your Property

No matter what its focus is or what it involves, every building in Akron has one thing in common – eventually, they will need maintenance. Whether it’s general maintenance, serious repairs, or just minor custodial work, the fact is that...Read More

Is Your Home Secured For The Autumn

As the temps drop, fall brings with it plenty of colorful leaves, comfortable weather, great food, and more. But, as most in the Akron area know, it also brings some security concerns that you’ll need to consider as well. If you’ve never...Read More

Protecting A Worship Space From Vandalism

Church and worship space vandalism is something that many of us never consider being a real issue – but it is. In fact, it is something that occurs by the thousands each and every year – and the churches and worship spaces in and around...Read More

The Impressive Benefits Of Smart Locks

Many of us are known for misplacing our keys once or twice. In fact, many Americans actually spend a good amount of time searching for their missing house keys. If this sounds like something you find yourself often doing, then smart locks may be the...Read More

Choosing Fire And Smoke Detectors For Your Business

Businesses that suffer from fire damage may experience property loss, and across the country, that property loss accounted for millions of dollars. For a Akron small business just starting out, this can be devastating. Even larger businesses suffer...Read More

Efective Ways Of Disguising Your Hidden Security Cameras

While placing your security cameras in plain sight can be a great deterrent for crime, there are also some benefits to hiding your security cameras as well. Hidden security cameras can go a long way in preventing a burglar from attempting to disarm...Read More

The Benefits Of Doorbell Security Cameras

More and more people are installing security cameras at their front doors these days to improve the security and protection of their Akron home. Not only does it go a long way in securing the property, it is also a convenient solution to use. Below,...Read More

What Attracts A Burglar

One of the best things you can do for your business is investing in a security system. Back in 2017, businesses actually accounted for a third of all burglaries that took place according to the FBI. This goes to show you just how important and...Read More

Cruise Line Security Keeps Passengers Safe

There are many businesses in Akron, OH that use security cameras to protect their investments. Though cruise ships are not often the first business that one thinks of when it comes to security, they have a unique need for protection. The fact that...Read More

Six Home Security Tips and Ideas To Keep Your Home Safe

Every day in the OH, homes get invaded at the rate of every 11 seconds. Chances are, if you are not careful and aware, your Akron home could become one of those statistics. There is nothing more violating that the thought that someone strange has...Read More

Security Cameras Can Improve A Warehouse’s Bottom Line

If you’re familiar with how a business operates, you know there are many ways for a company to lose money.  You need to buy equipment for your company, pay rent or buy a location, pay your employees’ wages, pay premiums on your...Read More

What Makes A Security System Smart?

A smart home can be a few different things depending on how you set it up.  At its heart, a smart home can connect otherwise unconnected appliances and devices, and this makes it easier to control music, TV, the temperature, the oven, and so on...Read More

Busting Myths About One Size Fits All Security Solutions

Security. It’s incredibly important for every business in the Akron area. And over the last few years, there has been an increase in the availability and popularity of one size fits all security solutions.  These solutions make big...Read More

A Closer Look At The Types Of Private Security

Whether it’s a Akron home or a business, knowing that your property is protected is important. Not only does it keep you and your belongings safe, but it gives you tremendous peace of mind as well.  For those who want to maximize their...Read More

Three Reasons Wireless Security Systems Are Better Than Wired

When it comes time to pick a security system for your Akron home or business, you may quickly become overwhelmed with the options. Security technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years and as a result there are so many great, affordable...Read More

Why Hotel Security Cameras Are A Good Investment

Hotels are a home away from home. When a weary traveler checks into their Akron hotel, a city they may not know anyone, they want to feel safe and secure. Akron hotels do a great job by providing a comfortable environment by offering a range of...Read More

Three Reasons You Need A Security Camera For Your Swimming Pool

Pools are a wonderful feature for any home or community. They provide a place where people can gather and have fun. Sadly though, pools also provide several risks and dangers to guests and are very susceptible to criminal activity and vandalism....Read More

Six Home Security Tips and Ideas To Keep Your Home Safe

Every day in the OH, homes get invaded at the rate of every 11 seconds. Chances are, if you are not careful and aware, your Akron home could become one of those statistics. There is nothing more violating that the thought that someone strange has...Read More

Public Parks Need Video Surveillance To Stay Safe

Like many parks and public places in Akron, the area has been described as a quiet and peaceful area. It’s a place where citizens can go for a relaxing stroll or day out with the kids. Unfortunately, much of that could change. What Can Happen?...Read More

7 Ways To Secure Your Front Door Against Burglars

Did you know that the majority of burglars take one to eight minutes to enter your home and most go through the front door? Scary, isn’t it? So it stands to reason that one of the places that should be the most secure in your home would be the...Read More

6 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Homes

You may be thinking you have little of value for a burglar to choose your Akron home to invade. However, the average burglar can get into your house in under three minutes and you might be surprised at what is on their wish list. Here are the six...Read More

Why Choose Remote Monitoring For Security Cameras?

Security cameras have come a long way in the past few years.  New cameras can be completely wireless, provide HD footage or better, switch to other visibility modes like low-light and infrared, and swivel around by remote control.  New...Read More

Security Integration Can Keep Your Business Safe

Today’s businesses have to deal with a lot of complex security challenges.  Technology has made everything faster and provided more tools to make businesses safe and efficient, but it’s also given burglars, corporate spies, hackers,...Read More

4 Smart Home Devices That Keep Working While Youre On Vacation

A lot can happen to your home in Akron, OH while you’re away.  Burglary is an obvious problem, but you can also face issues like leaky toilets, thieves who steal packages that arrive while you’re away, doors left ajar that let in...Read More

How Do Home Security Systems Prevent Crimes From Happening?

A home security system can include access control systems like electronic locks, surveillance systems with exterior and interior cameras, and alarm systems that monitor things like doors, windows, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels.  These...Read More

How To Protect Your Front Door Deliveries From Thieves

Over one-third of OH residents have been victims of package theft. With the holiday season, these thefts are expected to increase. So now is the time to think about protecting your packages from criminals. Here are some things you can do to make...Read More

Keep Your Business Security Effective With Commonsense Audits and Updates

Security systems change over time.  For one thing, the hardware and software you install at your Akron, OH location can age and become less effective.  Your system can also become obsolete as newer and better features come out that do more...Read More

Protect Your Internet Router From Hackers

When it comes to digital security, most of us lack the knowledge to prevent the possibility of some serious issues, such as loss of privacy, identity theft, and fraud. We are so careful with our computers due to the amount of information they hold....Read More

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